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What is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management combines SEO, online public relations and social monitoring. It presupposes counting how many times you are referred to on the first search engine results pages. The next step is creating your SERP score to demonstrate the way internet users look at your brand. If you compare the number of positive mentions with the number of negative ones, you will get a clear idea of your online reputation.

Have you ever thought how strongly your online reputation influences your revenue? Are you interested in a positive atmosphere around your company? Contact SeoAudit CH for online brand audit, consultation and management. Our expert team will write a positive content for you and repair a poor one. We will make sure your customers, coworkers, prospective employees or whoever is looking for your business online can find only attractive information. Our services include social monitoring, filtering, outranking and burying negative content, online PR and social media content promotion.

Moreover, our consultants will help you improve the communication policy of your business in order to avoid any potential reputation issues. Responding to unsatisfied customers and providing them with a successful solution of the issue is the best thing you can do to handle negative feedback and create a strong online corporate reputation.

SeoAudit CH is here to:

  • examine corporate websites and platforms
  • make SEO optimized content
  • discover and monitor negative publicity
  • establish objectives, create a communication strategy and action plan
  • follow online reputation management efforts

ORM for Businesses

Content Development and Promotion

SeoAudit CH will both provide new positive content for your brand and take care to promote it across the web. We will create a variety of optimized content for you including texts, videos, etc., and post it on multiple business, social media, and news websites with top search engine ranking. Our public relations team will publish SEO press releases aimed at promoting your brand online and attracting the target audience.

Profile Optimization

Our qualified team will make strong optimized profiles for you on top-ranking websites. We will provide you with advice where to publish profiles, how to manage them and how to take advantage of them in the most effective way. This way we will help you outrank both negative publicity and your competitors on the first search engine result pages (SERPs), which is sure to strengthen your corporate visibility, drive visitors to your website and boost indexing and ranking in such search engines as Google, Yahoo, and many more.

Online Reviews

Over 90% of web users pay attention to brand, business, goods and services reviews. It is noteworthy that almost 90% of them take online reviews and comments into account while deciding whether to buy this or that product or not.  Our service guarantees you will be described in the most attractive way on websites like Yelp, Google Places, and so on.  Moreover, you won’t have to worry about negative feedback on complaint websites (,,, etc.).

Brand Reputation Monitoring

Successful corporate reputation management is impossible without careful monitoring of what circulates online in order to protect your brand. SeoAudit CH team is provided with all the software and technologies required to effectively track the web for any online references to your business. Be sure we will let you know of any mentions potentially dangerous for your online reputation and help you get rid of them, if any.


We will be analyzing the achievements of our action plan with the help of multiple tools. You will regularly get a thorough report including a management summary and performance data. This will give you a good idea of how our ORM strategy works and demonstrate your online reputation improvement.


Wikipedia is one of the websites with first-page search engines rankings. Consequently, the information it presents has a strong effect upon a person’s, company’s or product’s reputation. That is why it is so essential to take good care of your Wikipedia page in order to improve your online reputation.

What we know about Wikipedia’s editorial policies and weight within the Wikipedia Community allows us to make your Wikipedia info much more attractive.

SeoAudit CH provides thorough monitoring and professional editing of Wiki pages. Our experts can both fix one’s bad reputation on Wikipedia and create an efficient Wiki-PR plan.

ORM for Individuals

SeoAudit CH is a recognized ORM service. Our team of designers, SEO specialists, consultants and other professionals applies modern technologies and advanced search engine marketing skills. They will do their best to save you from negative search results.


  • Web Content Optimization and Online Identity Improvement
  • Handling Anonymous Complaints and Negative Online Information
  • Fighting back Online Slander and Defamation
  • Affecting Search Engine Autocomplete Suggestions
  • Confidentiality and Privacy Protection

We will create a strategic plan for successful management of your online reputation and apply an actionable brand protection strategy. Our plan combines efficient SEO techniques with social media strategies.

Fighting Negative Publicity

Whatever you are, your clients, customers, prospective employers, employees, or even your mate are likely to look for information about you online. Nobody is secure against evil-wishers who can be posting and sharing bad comments and rumors in an effort to destroy one’s online reputation. It can result in huge losses and damage. Luckily, SeoAudit CH knows how to protect your online reputation!

We will deal with negative publicity with the help of an efficient well-planned campaign. Our expert team is sure to bury all the unpleasant feedback on you or your brand.  Of course we cannot delete existing blogs or posts from the web. However, we can focus on search engines results instead. For example, if the first Google page contains any bad info about you, our professionals will take care to release positive news. This way we drive the unwanted mentions far beyond the reach of your target audience.

Our skilled public relations team offers a strategy that will protect you from unfavorable reviews, posts, comments, opinions, etc. We will present your positive identity to your employees, customers, partners and everyone who may be searching information about you online.